I Don't Want to Be a White Master


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Yes, I'm white
but I don't want to be a white master.
I was born on the outskirts of Kiev,
in what we call the bandit region.
At three I learned what sex was,
at five - death,
at seven - fascism and violence,
at ten - poverty, labour and hunger.
At twenty I was accused of robbing the till at work
because It was me who needed the money most
but they lied - the general manager did it.
And at 21 the police named me as a thief
but they lied too - they did it.
"But you might be a murderer!" - they said as
I was kicked out of the dorm onto the street.
"She might rob or kill us!"
- said the husband of a friend who had invited me to stay.

Power has no charm or delight for me.
No regard, no solace for authority.

Yes, I'm white,
but I don't want to be a white master.
The white masters dehumanized me,
turned me into an object
that holds no potential of being a friend
or partner who feels worthy to be loved,
reduced me to being a safe way
to satisfy sexual desires,
a silent slave, serving personal,
and without consequence
invaded my personal space.
Once I was a believer.
Then I became an atheist,
feminist, anarchist...
but suddenly
I froze with horror
because always
and everywhere
there is someone
who has decided
that he is better than any other.
This is the white master. Alas,
there are many of us.


released November 15, 2015



all rights reserved



"This is some of the most powerful music I have heard in long time, and holds a message too. The music built in its billowing, bountiful depths: difficult to believe there were only two musicians on stage. They manage a real art; creating sound which people enjoy" - LOUDER THAN WAR ... more

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